About our Church

By God's Grace 38 years of service

Church History

  • 1982 :

    Church Founding

  • 1984 :

    Pastor Yongchi Jeong called as our first pastor

  • 1985 :

    Registered in the New Mexico Council of the United Methodist Church

  • 1989 :

    Pastor Haksu Kim called as senior pastor

  • 1991 :

    Worship services moved to Trinity UMC

  • 1998 :

    Pastor Jongnam Song called as senior pastor

  • 2003 :

    Construction of current building

  • 2004 :

    Pastor Keecheon Kim called as senior pastor

  • 2009 :

    Building expanded with construction of new education wing

Church Leadership

Senior Pastor Keecheon Kim

Martin Luther started the reformation with the cry "Sola Scriptura." His meaning was that true revival of the church could only be found in returning to the word. These days however, many churches have confused the husk for the seed. The seed is the words of scripture; the husk is theology, doctrines, creeds, testimonies. These exist to protect the seed. Our day often confuses these for the substance of faith. It is time for us to recover the essential of the word. More than anything else, the work of a pastor is to correctly teach the scriptures as they are.

Assistant Pastor Michael Han

Elder Kyong Hwa Lee

Elder Joon-Ho Kim

Elder Sam Choy

Elder Mike Cho

Retired Pastor Suk-Chong Lee

Retired Pastor Ted Yi

Assistant Pastor Eunyoung Han

Lay-Exhorter Young-Shim Choi

Lay-Exhorter Okchu Lee

Lay-Exhorter Soo-Young Kim

Lay-Exhorter Ku-Cha Choy

Lay-Exhorter Ok-Ju Shin

Lay-Exhorter Seong-Won Choi

Lay-Exhorter Ahn-Sook Kim

Lay-Exhorter Mi-Kyong Kim