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Pastor Kee C. Kim


Martin Luther started the reformation with the cry "Sola Scriptura." His meaning was that true revival of the church could only be found in returning to the word. These days however, many churches have confused the husk for the seed. The seed is the words of scripture; the husk is theology, doctrines, creeds, testimonies. These exist to protect the seed. Our day often confuses these for the substance of faith. It is time for us to recover the essential of the word. More than anything else, the work of a pastor is to correctly teach the scriptures as they are.


Retired Pastor

 Suk-Chong Lee

Michael Han

Assistant Pastor

Eunyoung Han

Assistant Pastor


Elder Kyong H. Lee

Elder Samuel Choy

Elder Mike Cho

Elder H Yeam


1982 Albuquerque Korean Methodist Church was started.
1984 Rev. Yong Chi Chung called as our first pastor.
1985 Church was constituted on July 28. Official name became 'Korean United Methodist Church in Albuquerque.
Worship services moved from St. Stephen's UMC to St. Paul's UMC.
1989 Rev. Hak Soo Kim was appointed as senior pastor.
1991 Worship services moved to Trinity UMC.
1998 Rev. Jong Nam Song was appointed as senior pastor.
2002 Ground-breaking service was held on June 14.
2003 First 4,500 sq-ft building was completed on March 2003.
2004 Rev. Kee Cheon Kim was appointed as senior pastor.
2009 Building expanded for education wing(2,000 sq-ft)
2022 Celebated 40th Church Anniversary on Sept. 11.

(Video Clip) 40 Years of Our Church



Church History from 1982 to 2021 is presented with a few pictures.(Text is in Korean)

#1(1982-1990)    #2(1991-2000)    #3(2001-2010)    #4(2011-2021)


After the 34th church anniversary celebration with Rev. Chung and Korean War Veterans


After Retreat Program with Rev. Hoon Kyung Lee


Sunday School Special Praise  


Church Sign was once installed at the Balloon View Houses and RV Park


Offertory on Mother's Day (May 8, 2022) by Peter's Bible Class member
You may hear their prais by clicking the link below



Korean United Methodist Church in Albuquerque, 601 Tyler Road NE  Albuquerque, NM 87113, USA

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